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Welcome to [eco]

What [eco] Is[eco] encourages, tracks and rewards on air, online and on location engagement through a comprehensive strategy operating within a single database. Only one login for the station, cluster and group.

Where [eco] Is[eco] is proven. Market after market [eco] attracts more radio listening, more web traffic, more non-spot revenue than any listener engagement product on the market.

Why [eco] Works[eco] is one registration, one username, one password and one login for the station, the cluster and group.

How [eco] Measures[eco] provides ratings and research with applications that drives accountable TSL and research with large in-tabs.

What [eco] Generates[eco] provides new local and national non-spot revenue

What [eco] Combines[eco] is accountability with experience.

What [eco] Reveals[eco] provides an apples to apples measurement on creativity and productivity, station to station,cluster to cluster and within the group.

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[eco] is more than a marketing plan, more than a promotion, and much more than a feature for your website. Eco is a system for radio's future.

Engagement. Rewards. Accountability.
On-Air | Online | On Location

The New Radio Eco system. All the Parts Relate to the Whole. One Database - One Login.  Accountable Tune-in; Social Networking; Streaming; Mobile; Music Research; E-commerce; Rewards;  Local and National Non-Spot Revenue.

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